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Sandra Joblonicky

Sandra Yearms Joblonicky — Celebrating Her 75th Raw Culinary Arts Chef & Instructor honoring the raw, vegan, vegetarian & standard American lifestyles

LifeStyle… Focusing on the Healing Arts…
to feed the total body mind spirit connection

From Houston, Texas… My name is Sandra Joblonicky. I developed the KISS Lifestyle Plan…just Keeping It Simple! Healthy Living is based on an integrated body mind spirit love happiness family connection. It’s not just a diet, it’s not just an exercise regime, it’s not just meditation or medication, it’s a total lifestyle plan.

Just after receiving my Raw Food Chef & Instructor Certification, I hit my 70s… the NEW 50! I realized it was more important than ever to practice what I was preaching about exercise, detox and eating right.

A longevity researcher for 20+ years, I had enough information to fill a library. Teachers and experience taught me to no longer be seduced by the latest ‘magic bullet’ being pandered to the masses, and to ignore the ‘No Pain No Gain’ guilt philosophy. Most importantly, I became aware that what works for others may not work for me and vice versa… because like the uniqueness of the snowflake, no two of us are identical!

I needed a plan. It had to be easy, simple and fit my lifestyle. Being true to myself the KISS Plan evolved. It included lifestyle choices based on the things I love and learned to love, like exercise.  With the experience and success from this wellness journey, and so many options available for healthy living, I am offering to help you tailor your own personal KISS Plan.

The process allows you to honor all aspects of your life style based on educated choices that include…healing Raw foods and how they enhance traditional menus • simple exercise • the power of detox for the body mind soul • the healing arts: reflexology, chiropractic, Reiki, meditation • creating sacred space • entertaining • stimulating the mind…and branding all these things with love and your personal Style!

Remember, anything is possible at any age with desire, commitment and passion.
So be sure to keep the magic in your life and always…KISS!

Hopefully to inspire!
Sandra Yearms Joblonicky




Hi Sandra,
It was so awesome meeting you at Living Well THERAPIES’ retreat at Discover Leadership’s Running Cougar Ranch. You offered delicious “Raw” foods and served as a light for me in so many ways. I was naturally drawn to meet you in the kitchen, warmed and lured by the aromas and scents you conjured up for us, particularly you and I…2 Buckeyes to sit around a hearth…reminiscing about home (wherever we are), family, and living. Lady, you are such an enlightened being…a beacon. I appreciate your powerful presence and I look forward to connecting with you.
Rae Bittle
Creative/Program Director

Water Mark Studio


Thank you so much…
Dear Sandra,
Thank you for welcoming me into your home for Thanksgiving. It was a warm and elegant evening and I truly enjoyed myself. The food was GREAT and I enjoyed meeting all of your friends. AND, your chocolate dessert was decadent. Thank you for sharing. You are so wonderfully talented!!

Just Lovely!
Your focus on presentation is just remarkable… whether it’s food, people, tabletops or collateral material for use in business, your vision produces pure beauty!!
Kathy W 

Healthy Living With Style is something that can be trusted.
Everything that is presented or written about has been
researched to the last degree.
Something and someone we can trust!!!
Carol Hunter Harrison

PS Have some fun, take some classes!